TIME FLIES Klippan Cover

TIME FLIES IKEA Klippan Slipcover

Time flies by fast so why waste it not having fun? The cheerful graphic mix swarming with colors in our TIME-FLIES slipcover will bring your sofa back into the picture and give your room a proper touch of a pop-art atmosphere. Overflowing with designs of E.T., actors sporting Mexican moustaches, chainsaws, working out in the gym, little vampires, dog keeping, floppy discs, cassettes, diamonds, high-heeled shoes, USB drives, planet Saturn, T-squares, aircraft, guns, pine cones, skyscrapers, safety pins, stars, folders, apples or cherries, this slipcover is a playful take on the world around you. A wave of nostalgia that will grow on you quicker before you even fit your sofa with this retro piece...

Pillow cover (50×50 cm, 20×20") can be ordered from inside the cart. Pillow fill is not included.

Fits for IKEA Klippan 2 seat sofa
Klippan size Width: 177 cm, Height: 66 cm, Depth: 88 cm
Width: 69 5/8", Height: 26 ", Depth: 34 5/8 "
Material 100% Cotton
Dyed, Pre-shrunk
Care guide Care guide
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