Our story

Get Your Sofa New Wardrobe

Because no one really wants to ditch their sofa, so why not just suit it up, right? And that’s exactly where we come in. We spare no effort to help you customize your interior and bring back that feeling of comfort into your home with every fiber of our IKEA Klippan covers.

Practical, original to the last stitch and designed to look awesome, our slipcovers help your Klippan catch second wind and turn it into a design piece in a matter of minutes. Make it yours and we’ll toss in FREE shipping worldwide to sweeten the deal for you.

We Give You…

Originality, quality and precision to the last stitch…

For starters, precise handicraft and large-format print patterns are the one thread running through every piece that leaves our workshop. Thanks to our fabric cutting plan, the decor is not just some pieces randomly stitched together - it works as a whole, helping us ensure neat continuity in the design. This is little something we like to think of as our trademark. Not to mention the original designs from the hands of our artists and the high quality pre-shrunk cotton fabric which guarantees the slipcovers’ perfect fit even after multiple washes.

A perfectly snug fit

In a word, there‘s no catch and there’s no better match. Any IKEA Klippan sofa will slip comfortably into our Artefly covers. Keeping in line with our quality control processes, we guarantee the best fit in all our products. You don’t need to worry about a thing - be it measuring your sofa or making sure everything tallies. They simply cut a perfect fit.

Who Are We?

Let’s put it this way - we’re no garage startup you now get on every corner. We’re a team of four and our sights are set on rediscovering the Klippan potential. Daria and Bára - a product designer and an illustrator, both experienced in fabric design, and Martin and Peter - both into modern technologies and on a mission to let the people out there know they can do better for their sofa. A perfect combo for partners in crime.

From the first stitch…

Arguably the most popular sofa in the world, the product was there all along - almost 40 years now. But despite all that we felt Klippan called for a bit of rejuvenation. A touch of the bold and the creative, so to say. From where we stood, the whole sofa was our creative outlet, our canvas. We wanted to give it versatility, help it blend into various situations or interiors, so that as many people as possible could pick it for their own. To make it ubiquitous and yet original at the same time. And a simple solution suggested itself - to make it all happen with a slipcover.

So we set to work from scratch. From picking the ideal fabric, finding the same page with our printers to fine-tuning the seam work with our sewing shop. A long run, maybe, but deliver the goods we did. Goods that is definitely worth it. Proudly made in Europe, from start to finish, and meeting all EU standards for good measure.

…to the mission…

All’s swell that ends well. And fits well, of course. That’s why we stand by the handicraft and quality of our products, no matter what. Our goal is to get people to think of us first when they feel like experimenting and reinventing their interior or a living space, to help them make it as unique, cozy and practical only as a sofa slipcover can do. Make their Klippan stand out of the crowd and give them heaps of original designs by artists to choose from. That’s Artefly in a nutshell for you.